Ridge Tail Monitor or "Ackie" make fantastic beginner monitors! Their small and compact size make them very manageable and yet they still offer many of the same traits as their bigger cousins! Although small in size these animals are very active and will still need an enclosure that can offer them plenty of freedom to move! Enclosure size for 1-2 adults should be 1200 x 600 x 600 with a hot spot of 50+ degrees Celsius while keeping in mind that they still need to thermoregulate and a cool end of approximately 25 degrees is still required! Hatchlings can be kept in a large tub or small enclosure that measures roughly 600mm cubed! Please ensure you have your enclosure and heating setup and calibrated before making your purchase!

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Ridge tail Monitor (Varanus Acanthuris) - Fuzzy Fox Reptiles and Rodents
Ridge tail Monitor (Varanus Acanthuris)
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